Lodge History


The History and events leading up to and including the

Consecration of the Lodge 5th December 1967


Extracts taken from the minutes of the first meeting held at the 'Bugle Hotel' Titchfield 5th April 1967.

Meeting commenced at 8.20pm 5th April 1967 in the club room with W.Bro. R.G Nobes P.P.J.G.D.P. Master Duke of Connaught Lodge 1834 in the chair. 


Present were;

W.Bro. A. Wilkins PPAGDC P. Master Albert Edward Lodge 1780

W.Bro. G.H Paterson St Dennys Lodge 7383 Wor. M

Bro. D Sanders Duke of Connaught Lodge 1834 M.M

Bro. A J Clark Lodge of Harmony No309 J.W

Bro. L Howell Landport Lodge No1776 M.M

Bro. J Munce Landport Lodge No1776 M.M

Bro. J Hawkins Prince of Wales Lodge 1705 M.M

Bro.T Hatfull Union of Waterloo Lodge No13 M.M

Bro D Benstead Lee Britton Lodge No5782 M.M

Bro. D Upshall Duke of Connaught Lodge No1834 M.M

Bro. G.White St Christophers Lodge No7919 S.D

Bro. I. F Eaton Lodge of Harmony No309 Treasurer

Bro. D Chase Lodge of Harmony No309 M.M

Bro. H Morgan Lodge of Hope No2153 M.M

Bro. F Carpenter Woolmer Forest Lodge No3872

Bro. S Harris Duke of Connaught Lodge No1834 M.M

Bro. E Draper Lodge of Harmony No309


The Chairman explained that a meeting of Master Masons had previously been held at an earlier date to ascertain if a new lodge was required in the district and as a result, the present meeting had been called.

To qualify as a founder member a brother must have been a Master Mason for three and there must be sufficient members interested to justify a petition.

He then asked how many present would qualify……………………

The Chairman then asked how many present were prepared to be founders if the fee was between ten and seventy guineas and the subscription four to five guineas per year. All accented.

Bro J. Hawkins and Bro S Harris read names of brethren who had expressed interest …….

The Chairman said that as there were twenty to twenty five brethren interested…………………….

The Duke of Connaught Lodge was prepared to be a sponsor and the matter could therefore go forward.

He further said that the Lodge would be known as the Titchfield Abbey Lodge,

A short discussion then took place regarding appointment of executive officers and Bro J. Hawkins accepted the office of Secretary. Other officers appointed were W. Bro. A. Wilkins PPAGDC  Director of Ceremonies, Bro. H Morgan Junior Warden, and Bro. D Sanders Inner Guard.

The Chairman suggested that a donation of ten shillings per head would assist the treasurer to meet various commitments until the new Lodge came into being.

W. Bro. G Paterson reigning Master of St. Dennys Lodge was asked if he would accept the office of first Worshipful Master and he expressed his thanks for the honor conferred on him.

W. Bro Nobbs promptly vacated the chair in favor of the Worshipful Master designate.

Bro S. Harris said he had made enquires of the secretary of Fareham Masonic Hall and the only vacant dates are the third Wednesday, fourth Tuesday or fourth Friday in each month……………….

W. Bro Nobbs said that this appeared to be as far as the meeting could go at the moment and suggested that a sub-committee be appointed at the next meeting, to wait on the Provincial Grand Secretary at Hampshire Terrace for guidance in preparing a petition etc,…………………….

The meeting closed at 9.40pm.

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Extracts from meeting held;

Bugle Hotel, Titchfield, 21 April 1967

Worshipful Bro Paterson said that it was not possible to use Masonic Hall Fareham on the forth Friday of each month and therefore they would be held on the third Wednesday.

Bro Hawkins, Treasurer, asked if it was necessary to hold nine meetings, after discussions………………………

W. Bro. Wilkins Director of Ceremonies said that the ritual used would be a modified form of Emulation……………………………

Worshipful Bro. Paterson asked the Secretary to read the list of Officers already appointed, asked the Brethren present if any wished to take the vacant offices. After discussion the majority of the vacancies were filled.

They are;

Worshipful Master - Worshipful Brother G Paterson

Senior Warden - Bro J. Munce

Junior Warden - Bro H. Morgan

Chaplain - W. Bro. H. Notton

Treasurer - Bro. J. Hawkins

Secretary - Bro. V. Eaton

Director of Ceremonies - W. Bro. A. Wilkins P.P.A.G.D.C

Almoner - W. Bro. J. Hampt5on P.P.Gd.Std.B

Assistant Director of Ceremonies - Bro. A Freemantle

Inner Guard - Bro. D. Sanders

Stewards - Bro. J. Hanson, Bro D Benstead, Bro. J. Peterkin.

Tyler - Progressive officer

The meeting closed at 9.50pm.






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